Cappadocia classic car tour

Cappadocia Classic Car Tour. How to Take?

Cappadocia classic car tour has been very popular in recent years. Especially Chinese and Russian tourists rent a classic car and get to know the environment and take pictures. Cappadocia, with its unique nature and rich historical past, is one of the important tourism regions of Turkey. It is one of the special places where local and foreign tourists flock almost every season and return by being impressed by the magnificent structure of the region. Activities such as watching the region from the sky with a balloon, going on safari tours and horse riding have always attracted the attention of tourists. You can click for contact now. +905332554767

The Cappadocia classic car tour starts and lasts for 2 hours, especially in the early hours of the morning, when the balloons take off and a fascinating view prevails. Balloons take off from different terrains in the Cappadocia region. The scenery that occurs in Cappadocia at sunrise is almost unlike anywhere else in the world. In the magnificent view created by the daylight, while the colorful balloons are floating in the sky, watching this view from different points and taking pictures in the magnificent background with the Cappadocia classic car tour are very popular activities. Especially couples who are going to get married go on this tour for outdoor photo shoots. Professional photographers capture these moments in the best way possible.

The more magnificent the sunrise is in Cappadocia, the more beautiful the sunset. Therefore, sunset is one of the high demands for the Cappadocia classic car tour. Especially the Red Valley or Love Valley turns red at sunset and has a magnificent view. The beauty of the valleys can also be explored at sunset with a classic car. Red Valley at sunset is definitely our recommendation for a photo shoot.

Cappadocia Old Car Tour Vehicles

With the Cappadocia vintage car tour, the pleasure of walking around the unique natural geography of Cappadocia, the beautiful valleys and the impressive Fairy Chimneys is indescribable at all hours of the day. In summer, open-top vehicles are more preferred. Available in closed vehicles for different weather conditions. Even the BMW R51 classic motorcycle with 2 sidecars is among the classic vehicles for an extraordinary experience for adventure lovers. Among the open-top classic vehicles, vehicles such as the 1954 model Plymouth Belvedere, 1958 model Dodge Coronet, 1976 model Chevrolet Nova and 1974 model open-top Mercedes are in high demand. Classic closed vehicles 1958 Ford Fairlane, 1952 model Buick Eight classic vehicles are generally preferred for professional photo shoots and Cappadocia open-top car tours. All vehicles are well maintained and safe. Those who wish can use it themselves or rent a car with a driver.

Those who want to go on a Cappadocia classic car tour for the summer months should make their reservations in advance. Because of high demand, reservations are made from abroad a few months in advance. You can contact the agencies for reservations by clicking on the Cappadocia classic car tours link.

How does the Cappadocia Classic Car Tour take place?

For the sunrise Cappadocia classic car tour, you are taken from your hotel in the early hours of the morning before it gets light and brought to the gallery where the classic cars are located. You are transferred to the vehicle you have booked. The departure point changes according to the period you will join the tour, and you can leave the hotel directly with a classic car. Before sunrise, your chauffeur-driven vehicle is ready and waiting for your transfer, and you set off towards the Red Valley. At this time, the preparation for the departure of the balloons in the valley begins. The fascinating effect of the weather will give the good news of the magnificent visual feast that will begin soon. As the balloons begin to rise, daylight will now be winking from behind the valley.

Cappadocia classic car tour
Cappadocia classic car tour

”We recommend that you book in advance for the sunset and sunrise options of the Cappadocia classic car tour.”

The sun slowly rising, colorful balloons in the reddish air and you in your classic vehicle… You can immortalize this moment for a full photograph with a photo shoot. Usually, couples are here at this hour either to propose marriage or to take wedding photos. It really doesn’t get any better than this for a marriage proposal. Floating balloons in an enchanting atmosphere and taking the first step towards marriage in a wonderful open-top classic vehicle is truly extraordinary. For such cases, you can also state that you want to take advantage of the car decoration service during your reservation.

After watching the scenery for about 45 minutes in the Red Valley and taking photos, set out for the Love Valley. When you arrive at the Love Valley, you stop at a location that meets the balloons. Again, a beautiful view and heart-shaped swings welcome you in addition to the scenery. This is one of the best locations for photo shoots. If you want a professional photo shoot, you need to make a reservation for it. You can make your reservation from the Cappadocia classic car tours link. Before your amazing classic car tour ends here, champagne is popped and propose a toast to the spectacular scenery.

In addition, cars for the Cappadocia classic car tour can be prepared in different concepts by the agencies. For example, with the concept of the Oriental table prepared in front of the vehicle, photo shoots are made and even local clothes can be rented.

Cappadocia Classic Car Tour Prices

There are many agencies in the region for the old car tour of Cappadocia and the prices can change more or less. 2-hour tour prices with driver, including sunrise and sunset, are around 100 – 150 euros. Vehicle models do not affect the price. It is beneficial to choose your vehicle and make a reservation in advance. Extras such as photography, special concept, vehicle decoration are not included in the prices and must be specified before booking. You can click for Cappadocia ATV tour prices and Cappadocia classic car tour prices. If you want to use classic cars again and you think about it during the Cappadocia wedding shoot, you can click. You can call +905332554767 related to the subject.