cappadocia classic car tour

Cappadocia Classic Car Tour

Cappadocia classic car tour, which is one of the most preferred tours in Fairy Chimney city, is generally a favorite tour for the foreign tourists. It is very popular especially for Chinese and Russian tourists. Car tour is preferred to get a closer view of the natural beauties of the region. Historical structure and fairy chimneys make Cappadocia special. In addition to that beauty, it is in high demand due to the hotels which are in harmony with the natural environment. The hotels in Cappadocia have received full marks from the tourists for their affordable prices.

How Many Hours Do Classic Car Tours Take?

Cappadocia which can be visited by classic cars in all seasons, attracts the attention of the tourists in all seasons as well. Although the classic car tours are generally preferred during sunrise, it is also very much demanded during the sunset. The second criterion for the tourists is to join classic car tour while the hot air balloons are taking off. The classic cars can be rented for wedding and engagement ceremonies and special days.

The tours starting during sunrise continue until the sunset and landing time of hot air balloons. 2-hours Cappadocia classic car tour can be extended optionally. Cappadocia classic car tour can be organized in different regions. It might be organized in every region where the road conditions allow. While the tours are organized, the stops could be arranged and 40-minutes break is given at each stop. Meanwhile you can take pictures and enjoy the view. First region could be Rose Valley (Gül Vadisi). This a magnificent view area where hot air balloons take off. The other route for classic car tour is the Love Valley (Aşk Vadisi). A few minutes after arriving in the Rose Valley, the hot air balloons start to take off creating a wonderful view.

cappadocia classic car tour
cappadocia classic car tour

Cappadocia Classic Car Tour Rental

Cappadocia car rental is a preferred service to make a comfortable city tour. The car you are to choose should be clean and safe. Cappadocia is a region where you can rent quality and nice cars and this attracts the tourists to the region. Cappadocia classic car tour is different than car rental. The first car rental experience takes place after landing at the airport. Using your time in a controlled manner comes first when you rent a car in Cappadocia. Although Cappadocia seems to be a small region, since there are a lot of places to visit you should use your time in a controlled manner.

You can make a fruitful visit with Cappadocia classic car tour or car rental. Trustworthy rent-a-car company is another significant point when car renting. It is much safer to prefer local rent-a-car services. Most of the time you can find a safe car to rent, however there might be some problems with the car. The most reliable car rental service is the one at the airport. Since Cappadocia has a rough terrain, it is better to prefer an off-road vehicle. The vehicles which can be driven in all areas of Cappadocia are mostly the best option.

You can go all locations of Cappadocia by those vehicles. You can also rent a car for Cappadocia via internet. Although many rent-a-car companies are available, we advise you to prefer local rent-a-car agencies. Unless you want to rent an off-road car, you can prefer hatchback cars. If you want to rent an economical car, it is better to check old model vehicles.

Places to Visit in Cappadocia by a Car

When we talk about the places to visit in Cappadocia, the first thing that comes to mind is Göreme Open Air Museum. Although there are many other places to visit in Cappadocia, most of the people prefer Three Beauties. Natural architecture of Cappadocia attracts the tourists to the city. If you want to see one of the natural places, you should prefer Avanos. If you want to go for a sightseeing near sunset, you can visit Aşıklar Vadisi (Lover Valley). If you want to see historical places by Cappadocia classic car tour, you can visit Göreme Open Air Museum. It is possible to see historical monuments and cave houses remained from 4th century A.D. If you want to stay in natural regions, Göreme is the right place.

Göreme is one of the magnificent locations of Cappadocia, with its houses built in accordance with Nevşehir’s natural structure and delicious food. If you want to see more amazing and different places, you should go Gomeda Valley. There are numerous myths and stories about Gomeda Valley. If you love the animals, you will be very pleased with the pigeons in Gomeda Valley. The pigeons living in the caves creates a very different atmosphere. If you want to hear something about the myth you can go to “Three Beauties” where three remarkable fairy chimneys exist. The myth tells that the smallest fairy chimney is a child, the frontmost is a shepherd, and the rearmost is shepherd’s wife. If you want, you can review our classic cars.